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Brexit Briefing 28/11/2018

Me 2018

Marcus Stead returns with another Brexit Briefing, where he exposes some of the shocking details of the EU Withdrawal Agreement, largely unreported by the mainstream media. Marcus also explains what the ‘Northern Ireland Backstop’ actually means and why there’s no way the DUP can support it. There’s also analysis on the Parliamentary arithmetic of getting the proposed deal through the House of Commons, and with the deal as good as dead on arrival, Marcus explores the viable alternatives as the Brexit date of 29 March 2019 draws nearer.


Brexit Briefing 24/09/2018

Me 2018

Marcus Stead returns with another Brexit Briefing following a week that saw Prime Minister Theresa May ‘talk tough’ to the EU. Marcus asks: Where do we go from here? What’s likely to happen? What are the realistic options? Is there likely to be a second referendum? And are we heading for a General Election in November?


Brexit Briefing 12/09/2018

Me 2018

In this week’s Brexit Briefing, Marcus Stead reports on the developing situation as Theresa May’s position looks increasingly precarious. He also looks into the consequences of a ‘No Deal’ Brexit for the aviation industry, and gives a damning assessment of Boris Johnson’s suitability to be Prime Minister.




Brexit Briefing 03/09/2018

Me 2018

Marcus Stead returns with another Brexit Briefing. Following comments from Boris Johnson, David Davis, and then Michel Barnier, are the Chequers proposals dead? Why did Frank Field resign the Labour whip? And how likely is a so-called ‘People’s Vote’?



Brexit Briefing 27/08/2018

Me 2018Marcus Stead presents the first in a new series of Brexit Briefing podcasts. In this week’s edition, Marcus asks: Could the civil service be about to betray Brexit? As Brexit day gets nearer, is Philip Hammond fit to be Chancellor? Dominic Raab outlines what he believes a ‘No Deal’ Brexit would look like – is there any cause for alarm?


Brexit Briefing 15/07/2018

Me 2018Marcus Stead tries to make sense of a dramatic and tumultuous week in the Brexit process. What is actually in the Chequers White Paper? What does it mean for the country, and for Theresa May’s chances of clinging to office? And how will the EU react to the proposals?

Douma Chemical Attack – The Truth Uncovered with Marcus Stead

Douma MapMarcus Stead investigates the alleged chemical attack by President Assad’s forces in the Syrian city of Douma on 7 April 2018. Did the attack take place at all? Who was responsible? Why did the USA, the UK and France carry out air strikes on specific targets? How much do we ACTUALLY know, and how much of what we’re being told by the mainstream media is merely speculation?



Siwan Reynolds 1Meditation and Mindfulness with Siwan Reynolds 05/06/2018

Siwan Reynolds was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 14, and spent years trying to reduce her seizures before her life was transformed with the help of meditation and mindfulness.

In this podcast, Siwan tells her story to Marcus Stead, and explains how her techniques can be implemented by anyone, anywhere.

Siwan now helps schoolchildren, businesses and individuals transform their lives. You can visit her website by clicking here or you can email her at: siwan@cardiffmeditation.com

Brexit Briefing 05/03/2018

Me 2018Marcus Stead looks back on recent Brexit-related speeches by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, former Prime Minister Sir John Major and current Prime Minister Theresa May.

Jonny Gould – Mistaken Identity 14/02/2018

Jonny Gould 1Jonny Gould is a sports broadcaster, radio host, TV pundit and businessman. During the recent fallout from the Presidents Club dinner fiasco, Jonny was incorrectly identified in a number of publications as the host of the event’s charity auction.

In conversation with Marcus Stead, he discusses how the story developed, the fallout from it, and the steps he took to gain corrections, apologies and compensation from the publications who wrongly identified him.

Jonny is a supporter of mental health charity Mind, and he tells us about his current project, Striker Boy.

Jonny also talks about his long career as CEO of Sportsmedia, who provided sponsored sports bulletins to independent radio stations around the UK, and why he had to close the business several years ago.

There’s also a chat between Marcus and Jonny about the overall state of radio, journalism and hyperlocal news in the UK today.

Brexit Briefing 22/01/2018

Marcus Stead looks back on a week when the EU Withdrawal Bill passed its third reading in the House of Commons, and explains in some depth what is likely to happen in the tumultuous months ahead.

Marcus also assesses the situation in Calais, and asks some important questions about the refugee crisis.

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Talk Motoring with Elliott Spiteri

Episode 1:    13/12/2017 Elliott previews the 2021 baby MINI SUV, McLaren’s $1 million Senna hypercar, the Porsche 911 next generation, and the Lamborghini Urus.

He also looks at the legal implications of contradictory government advice and subsequent tax policy on diesel cars.

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