Brexit Briefing

Brexit Briefing is a regular podcast providing insight and analysis into the latest developments as the United Kingdom prepares to leave the European Union.

Brexit Briefing Special with Marcus Stead 20/05/2019

Greg Lance-Watkins 1
Greg Lance-Watkins

Marcus Stead returns with a Brexit Briefing special in the week the United Kingdom goes to the polls in European Parliamentary elections that weren’t supposed to happen. Nigel Farage’s new Brexit Party is polling nearly twice as many votes as their nearest rival. If the polls are correct, British politics is about to experience a massive earthquake.

Marcus’s guest is businessman, blogger and veteran anti-EU campaigner Greg Lance-Watkins, who has been an active eurosceptic for nearly SIXTY years.

In a wide-ranging discussion, they look at the history of euroscepticism in the UK, the rapidly declining influence of the traditional media, the rise of the Brexit Party, what this all means for the future of British politics, and Greg makes some grim predictions as to where Britain will be in ten years’ time, Brexit or no Brexit.

Brexit Briefing 28/11/2018

Me 2018

Marcus Stead returns with another Brexit Briefing, where he exposes some of the shocking details of the EU Withdrawal Agreement, largely unreported by the mainstream media. Marcus also explains what the ‘Northern Ireland Backstop’ actually means and why there’s no way the DUP can support it. There’s also analysis on the Parliamentary arithmetic of getting the proposed deal through the House of Commons, and with the deal as good as dead on arrival, Marcus explores the viable alternatives as the Brexit date of 29 March 2019 draws nearer.

Brexit Briefing 24/09/2018

Me 2018

Marcus Stead returns with another Brexit Briefing following a week that saw Prime Minister Theresa May ‘talk tough’ to the EU. Marcus asks: Where do we go from here? What’s likely to happen? What are the realistic options? Is there likely to be a second referendum? And are we heading for a General Election in November?


Brexit Briefing 12/09/2018

Me 2018

In this week’s Brexit Briefing, Marcus Stead reports on the developing situation as Theresa May’s position looks increasingly precarious. He also looks into the consequences of a ‘No Deal’ Brexit for the aviation industry, and gives a damning assessment of Boris Johnson’s suitability to be Prime Minister.


Brexit Briefing 03/09/2018

Me 2018

Marcus Stead returns with another Brexit Briefing. Following comments from Boris Johnson, David Davis, and then Michel Barnier, are the Chequers proposals dead? Why did Frank Field resign the Labour whip? And how likely is a so-called ‘People’s Vote’?



Brexit Briefing 27/08/2018

Me 2018Marcus Stead presents the first in a new series of Brexit Briefing podcasts. In this week’s edition, Marcus asks: Could the civil service be about to betray Brexit? As Brexit day gets nearer, is Philip Hammond fit to be Chancellor? Dominic Raab outlines what he believes a ‘No Deal’ Brexit would look like – is there any cause for alarm?



Brexit Briefing 15/07/2018

Marcus Stead tries to make sense of a dramatic and tumultuous week in the Brexit process. What is actually in the Chequers White Paper? What does it mean for the country, and for Theresa May’s chances of clinging to office? And how will the EU react to the proposals?

Brexit Briefing 05/03/2018

Marcus Stead looks back on recent Brexit-related speeches by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, former Prime Minister Sir John Major and current Prime Minister Theresa May.


Brexit Briefing 22/01/2018

Marcus Stead looks back on a week when the EU Withdrawal Bill passed its third reading in the House of Commons, and explains in some depth what is likely to happen in the tumultuous months ahead.

Marcus also assesses the situation in Calais, and asks some important questions about the refugee crisis.



Brexit Briefing 24/12/2017

Marcus Stead explains what the terms ‘Single Market’ and ‘Customs Union’ actually mean. He also looks into the implications of the recent defeat inflicted on the government by the House of Commons, and asks whether it actually matters. Marcus also corrects Gina Miller’s false claim that visas will be necessary to travel to EU countries after Brexit.



Brexit Briefing 05/12/2017

Marcus Stead brings clarity and perspective to a tricky few days in the Brexit negotiations. He explains what the proposed £50 billion settlement is REALLY all about and offers a way through the Irish border issue.

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