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Episode 2

Talk Podcasts Pubcast logoMarcus Stead and James Easton return with the final pubcast of 2019, recorded at the Mount Stuart in Cardiff Bay.

There was a ‘no politics’ rule in place, which was only loosely enforced. Topics covered in this edition include:


  • Tattoos – tasteful or tacky? Are they OK provided they’re well-hidden? And are heavily-tattooed people doing it for attention?
  • Cymru Premier football – differences and similarities with the English semi-professional ranks.
  • Defunct beers and lagers. By the way, Hofmeister is back!
  • Brian Clough’s legacy.
  • Wrestling – British and American, past and present.
  • The rise of Black Friday and Halloween, and the decline of Guy Fawkes Night.
  • Proper Saturday morning telly – Ghost Train, Gimme 5, Going Live!, Live & Kicking.
  • Fred Dinenage and the Krays.

The podcast is also available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts and the TuneIn app.

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Episode 1

James Easton 1
James Easton

Marcus Stead and his friend James Easton (Charlton Athletic fan, real ale aficionado and Brexiteer) went to the Mount Stuart pub in Cardiff Bay and recorded their conversation for Talk Podcasts listeners.

The chat began on a sombre note as they reflected on their visit to the memorial to Emiliano Sala at the Cardiff City Stadium earlier in the day. They then moved on to discuss the disconnect between professional football clubs and the fans, the delights of non-league football, the rise and rise of PDC darts, and where the JD Wetherspoon name really came from.

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