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Jonny Gould’s Jewish State – Lance Forman

Jonny Gould 1
Jonny Gould

Jonny’s guest is a fourth generation smoked salmon purveyor and a wannabe European politician (but not wannabe European Union member).

Lance Forman’s standing for the Brexit Party in a European election he says shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

In our conversation, he accuses the political class of being fast and loose with extremist rhetoric, while being cowardly in making the big decisions lest they lose votes.

He pots a 115-year history of H Forman & Son and describes the challenges of succession, planning and adaptation to modern times.

He harks for a return to the days of Thatcher, says Nigel Farage is “Maggie in men’s clothing” and says “antisemite” Jeremy Corbyn’s vision of “Britain as Venezuela” needs to be stopped.

He’s proud to be a Jewish member of the party, shrugging off the unpleasant daubing of a swastika on his factory in recent weeks.

Me 2018
Marcus Stead

Journalist Marcus Stead responds to the issues Lance Forman raised in the latest edition of Jonny Gould’s Jewish State. Marcus offers broad praise for Forman, but presents a more optimistic vision for post-industrial satellite towns, and explains the economic opportunities Brexit can bring to these areas. Marcus also describes how antisemitism is by no means confined to the Labour Party, and that Welsh nationalist party Plaid Cymru has a long and shameful history of antisemitism and Nazi appeasement.


Trevor Horn, legendary music and Jewish beliefs

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Jonny Gould

“Seek the peace and prosperity of the city of your exile, pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper”, Jeremiah 29:7 and repeated to me by this remarkable of men, Trevor Horn.

The Grammy Award, Brit Award, Ivor Novello Award winning record producer, coined “the man who invented the 80s”, gave me a fantastic interview about his current projects, (touring and a new album) plus a rundown of his musical career and influences plus his journey into Judaism, something he says he “believes in more than anything else”.


Ivor Baddiel and the “Y Word”: Shouting “Yid” on football’s terraces

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Jonny Gould

If you’ve been to Wembley or White Hart Lane, you’ll have almost certainly heard the word, “Yid” chanted in support of Tottenham.

You may have even chanted it yourself as a Spurs fan. But what does it mean exactly? Do you think it still has a place on football’s terraces?

Campaigner Ivor Baddiel and his brother David began a campaign seven years ago with a short film, “!The Y Word” which explained that it’s a derogatory word for Jewish people – similar to using the P Word or N Word.

The Baddiel brothers wanted to start a debate and Jonny caught up with Ivor.


Jassem Tamim and Richard Millett

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Jonny Gould

Jonny’s two guests are from very different parts of British society – but are united in voice in opposing Jeremy Corbyn and the antisemitism scandal sweeping the Labour Party.

Jassem Tamim is a Sufi Muslim originally from Morocco, who considers it payback to Britain’s acceptance of him to oppose antisemitism. He also believes it’s his Islamic duty to defend Israel and Jews.

And Richard Millett is the longtime activist who the Labour leader famously called lacking English irony.

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Holocaust Memorial Day: Grandma’s Escape from Hitler’s Vienna to Birmingham’s Freedom

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Jonny Gould

This is a very special podcast. To commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day, Jonny Gould located an old cassette of an interview he recorded with his late Grandma in 1984, when she was 77 – and he was 17. She narrates her own escape from Hitler’s Vienna in 1938 and arrival in Birmingham.

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Episode 1

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Jonny Gould

“We ought not deal in the soft bigotry of low expectations of the Palestinians” – Sgt. Benjamin Anthony, Our Soldiers Speak.

The first in a series of podcasts in which Jonny Gould discusses the biggest Jewish and Israeli issues with the most fascinating guests.

Today Jonny discusses securing peace in the Middle East with Brigadier General Amir Avivi (ret.) and Sergeant Benjamin Anthony of Our Soldiers Speak.

In response to the impasse of the Oslo Accords, they’re devising a win-win peace deal for Israelis, Palestinians, Egyptians, Gazans, Muslims and Christians called the New State Solution.

They met in Central London as these impressive soldiers turned diplomats continued their discussions.

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