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Jonny Gould

Jonny is a broadcaster and businessman who appears regularly as a newspaper reviewer on the Sky News ‘Sunrise’ programme.

Birmingham-born, Aston Villa-supporting Jonny went to Handsworth Grammar School, ate orange chips at Lightwood’s Saloon and made his first steps in the media with the BBC in the West Midlands and went on to become sports editor at Beacon Radio in the late 1980s and early 90s.

Between 1990-93, Jonny presented ‘Sports Roundup’ and ‘Sports World’ for the BBC World Service, and from 1990-94 he co-presented the ‘Thursday Night Sports Phone-In’ on LBC alongside Robbie Vincent. During his time at LBC, Jonny worked alongside many other radio legends including Pete Murray and Bill Buckley.

In February 1995, Jonny became part of the launch schedule at the original Talk Radio UK. He read sports bulletins on the breakfast show for several years, and presented the Sunday Sportzone each week.

Jonny returned to radio in 2008 as a cover presenter on Talk Sport, where he anchored rolling coverage of the 2011 London riots, and he went on to present overnight show ‘Extra Time’ during the early-mid 2010s.

In 2012, Jonny joined Smooth Radio, where he read sports bulletins on the Simon Bates breakfast show for the following two years.

Talk Radio relaunched in 2016 and Jonny became the presenter of the mid-evening show alongside his brother, Ash, and went on to move to a Sunday afternoon slot, ‘The Week’, where he stayed until 2017.

In television, Jonny has worked for Sky Sports, he took over from Kenneth Woolstenholme as the voice of ‘Gazzetta Football Italia’ on Channel 4, and was the touchline reporter on pay-per-view service Premiership Plus.

From 1997, he read sports bulletins on Channel 5 News, mainly on the breakfast show, and he went on to become the programme’s main presenter the following year, where he remained until 2000.

In 1998, he became the inaugural presenter of ‘Football First’ on ITV2, a rolling scores and results programme. He later went on to become a reporter at Chelsea matches for the programme, which evolved into ‘The Goal Rush’ and was shown on the main ITV channel until 2003.

Jonny’s media career ran parallel with his role as CEO of Sportsmedia, which launched in 1992 and for the following 24 years provided sponsored sports bulletins and content to commercial radio stations around the country.

Today, Jonny can be seen reviewing the papers on the Sky News ‘Sunrise’ programme, usually on Thursday mornings. He is also frequently heard as a pundit on BBC Radio 5 Live and Al Jazeera TV.

Jonny made his Talk Podcasts debut in February 2018 with a one-off podcast called ‘Mistaken Identity’, and at the end of the year he returned with a new series, ‘Jonny Gould’s Jewish State’ where he discusses the biggest Jewish and Israeli issues with the most fascinating guests.


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