Twenty Minute Topic Episode 30: Harry and Meghan

Harry and MeghanTHE DUKE and Duchess of Sussex, or ‘Harry and Meghan’ as they are more commonly known, released a bombshell statement in which they announced they were stepping back from Royal duties to pursue their own paths.

In this podcast, Marcus Stead and Greg Lance-Watkins reflect on the appalling way in which they went about announcing this, without consulting the Queen or senior members of the Royal Family.

With ‘crisis talks’ set to take place during the next few days, they also assess what could and should happen from here.

Was Meghan Markle naive about what a life of Royal duty and service would mean, or is she calculating and scheming?

And how do Harry and Meghan’s ‘woke’ credentials contrast with the example set by the Queen over more than 60 years?

The podcast is available on the Talk Podcasts website, iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify and the TuneIn app.

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